The 11th Street Bridge Park and ARCH Development Corporation Partner to Explore East of the River Housing Issues and Solutions

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Shahara Anderson-Davis

The 11th Street Bridge Park and ARCH Development Corporation are partnering to examine critical affordable housing issues in two FREE public programs at the Anacostia Arts Center.  These events complement the “Better Homes and Gardens” exhibition on view at the Anacostia Arts Center’s Vivid Solutions Gallery and the 11th Street Bridge Park’s Equitable Development Plan. Over the course of 8-weeks, Becky Borlan will transform Vivid Solutions into a whimsical urban jungle. The space will be filled with larger-than-life plant structures juxtaposed against tiny, hand-sized wax houses. Exhibition runs through November 18.  And throughout 2016, the 11th Street Bridge Park has been implementing its Equitable Development Plant, an effort to ensure that nearby residents can continuously benefit from the future civic space.

“The first step in getting two sides to really enjoy each other is to get two sides to really understand each other. And this is the perfect opportunity in a wonderful, beautiful, recreational space.”

Doyle Mitchell, CEO Industrial Bank